In partnership with the Association Humanlaya – www.humanlaya.fr/ – we delivered more than 40 pairs of shoes, for mountain guides and sherpas. Logistics was provided by the trekkers left for three weeks in Nepal. Thank you for their help and generosity.

Here are the first photos of the Association “EL SOL” party for his trip to Guatemala. Cathy and Joel have accomplished their mission, as usual, and came to the aid of helpless families. Congratulations to you both …


Humanitarian Association “EL SOL” on  mission to Guatemala from October 5 to November 2, 2013. FIELD ACTION decided to join this local initiative, the headquarters of “EL SOL” is located in St-Girons (09). For this occasion, the association donated 36 pairs of shoes QUECHUA mountain. These gifts will delight very poor families and followed for years by the members of “EL SOL”. We expect information and pictures of our globe-trotters (Cathy and Joel).

2013 annual balance loto

Field Action thank you for your presence and support our annual loto last Sunday. You were 133 people in the room and 11 have opted for cardboard computer.
The lucky ones are left arms trimmed, others a little less …
But you all and all contributed to a single cause: solidarity.
Thank you to the volunteers for this day …

Photos from Sunday: Acknowledgements Indians in our honor, due to the distribution and installation of the bakery. Below conference on deforestation and Indian folk dance.

Here are some pictures of our first 2 days with Indian children. The work of the bakery advance apace, Christophe is already named Maestro! But it is well deserved … Shoes and clothing made happy children. Our days are filled from 7am till 21….

Next episode

First news of Ecuador, no worries customs with a little charm all the same …
Warm, a lot of work to do here
Sunrise at 5am
A lot of kiss
Field Action Team


150 kgs of goods including 80 pairs of shoes and clothing Quechua.

We will buy on the spot, socks and school supplies. So, do not hesitate to support us in this humanitarian mission …


This is offciciel, Field Action restarts humanitarian mission. After many adventures and customs administration, we start from November 20 to December 2.

Direction to the Andean highlands near Flores, Province of Chimborazo, Ecuador.

(1 ° 48’50 S 78 ° 38’40 W)

The purpose of this mission is to provide hikking shoes and new clothes for children of these highlands. In addition to the difficult climatic conditions with an altitude of 4000m, these children come from very poor families. They must daily walk more than two hours to go to school on trails that require adaptive equipments.

This mission is organized with the Association of Children of the Andes which has a representative on site since 1984: Sister Teresita.

Similarly, we will participate in the maintenance or renovation of the building that houses the local mission. And finally, we will intervene in the school on various topics such as computing, foreign languages ​​and an awareness of the problems associated with deforestation.

The program of this expedition is ambitious but as usual, Field Action will be on the ground closer to the needs.

If you want to join this adventure, do not hesitate to contact us. Clarification, the fly ticket remains at your expense.


Update on the latest Field Action mission which took place in Nepal.  Its aim was to provide some 50 Sherpas with hiking boots – transported to them by trekkers. This is already significantly easing their daily work of carrying walkers’ bags (including those of the very trekkers who took out their boots!) and managing trek logistics, often in poor weather conditions. While no association members were able to be present to oversee the operation, I have absolute confidence in the trek organiser – more details on the website for those who want to find out more: http://www.edoziere.fr/

Very many thanks to Roland for all his efforts!


Dear members, you are invited to attend our first general meeting to be held Monday, February 27, 2012.

Please RSVP by January 30 to reserve a room suitable


Held in the Foyer of City Hall, the lottery took place in a friendly atmosphere. Turnout was high with 123 attendees. Through the sale of cardboard, drinks and pastries, we were able to make a profit that will allow us to continue our actions.

Thank you to all the volunteers for their support and action during the lottery.

FIELD ACTION will hold its first Bingo on Sunday, January 15th at 14:30.

The event will take place in Aucamville, the municipal home, Jean Jaures St.

If unable to attend, please contact us to buy cards played by computer

Field Action wish you a happy new year 2012.

As you know, the year 2011 saw the creation of our organization and realization of the first project on the slopes of the volcano Kawah Ijen in Indonesia.

Three other projects are currently under review and will be discussed at our annual general meeting during January 2012. We will keep you informed as soon as possible on the actions of 2012.

Welcome to Field Action web site.

Field-Action returns from his first visit to Indonesia on the slopes of the volcano Kawah Ijen. During these few days, we have made considerable material assistance to minors sulfur. 200 pairs of hiking boots, more than 3,000 protective masks left with us. In addition, we bought on the spot about 300 pairs of socks in order to employ the local economy.

In addition to help minors, we also provided support for a school near the volcano buying locally also, notebooks and pens.

See all the pictures of the expedition in the Missions tab.

This mission was crowned with success. But we must not forget that without your memberships and donations, we could not bring all this material . Also, as the President of Field-Action, I would particularly like to thank you very much.

Field-Action is already thinking about the future with a new mission. It is to bring hiking boots for teens near Quito in Ecuador. These children walk for over an hour to travel from their village to the local school. They have little or no shoes, but very willing and motivated in their studies. Field-Action also will visit the site to help them and also participate in educational sessions on topics of computer science, foreign languages​​, health…


Here is the place of our first action. Indonesia, precisely Kawah Ijen volcano.

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